Monday, May 28, 2007

Hello world...

How was your day???
Mine wasn't too bad. Started off with a visit to Amazon (my factory...or soon to be ex-factory should I say) today. It was such an anti-climax, with things being much the same as it always was, just quieter. Geoff was absent as usual, so nothing really has changed hahaha!

I got home to give Maxi his lunch...most of which ended up in the bin...he eats like a bird, unless it is sweeties or chippies, why is that? Oh well I suppose he will eat when he is hungry enough. Nap time was fun with the Maisy mouse library book being the flavour of the day. I can read that dumb book without even looking now, I have read it so often. We have to change those books before we leave for PE. 7 more days of Maisy and I will go CRAZY!

Maxi's arvi nap was full of usual. I don't know how he breathes under that lot!

Daddy finished work and the games began. Look at the play room...Chaos!!!!
Since the floods we just haven't gotten in there to sort out. Cas & did such an amazing job of tidying it up with a place for everything...then the water came.

I cooked supper while the two of them had boy time. Rocket, sweet peppers, chick peas and mushrooms tossed with olive oil in pasta. It was divine....

Next is a cute pic of Maxi up to his usual silly tricks in the bath & Tersh with an owie. He cut his ear shaving? Huh? I haven't seen any hair on his ears yet...oooh now I get the picture, the blood tells the story. Oh it will be the back. EEEEu!

The day ended well with a pillow/teddy fight with Maxi and the Mama lost hopelessly! I know we aren't supposed to over stimulate them before bed. But he started it and it was a hoot. Anyway he had no problem falling asleep and there is silence in the halls.

I am looking forward to our little break in PE. It will be the first extended 'holiday' {a whole week} the three of us have ever had together and it will be good to see family.

Mel, I will have to see you next week Thursday if you are free. Enjoy ladies camp.

Nite-nite all out there. I encourage you too to start a blog, it is actually loads of fun.

Kimberly X

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