Friday, July 20, 2007

Bummed out!

Hi guys! Ever felt really bummed out? Well I am.....right now.

I always knew and expected there might be a measure of "ugliness" between G & I, with Amazon closing but no matter how one prepared ones-self....being in it, is horrible. G is going on with his life financing his new business ventures through Amazon....nothing massive as yet but the fact of the matter is, he is still using our companies resources to get his next "thing" off the ground. I hear too that he had agreed to do basic repeats of a whole bunch of styles for Urban, through Studio 7.
You might think...ya so, whats the big deal?
The big deal is, it doesn't include me. I am only a partner in our x3 businesses but it doesn't include me. So this A.M, I felt compelled to protect my interest and sent him a letter forcing him to commit to a pay-out figure in return for me signing documents releasing my interest in our businesses. I can't believe he had the gall to think I would just sign them over to him and walk away, hat in hand with out so much as a comment. Sad in a way that I trusted him for so many years...10 in fact and now when the poep hits the fan, he couldn't care less about my interest.

Why am I surprised though.....people cornered do dumb stuff, I suppose.

I have an advantage in that I BELIEVE and KNOW that God loves me, cares about me and my well being. I know that even though sometimes I don't feel Him, His Word plainly spells out

that "He will never leave me out in the cold"
that "He always roots for me"
that "He intervenes for me on my behalf".

So in faith I have given this whole situation to my Father and I know that He is onto it. The outcome will be part of His plan, whatever it is.

So watch this space, I will keep you all posted.

^^^Hugs^^^ to you all.

<<<<< style="color: rgb(0, 0, 153); font-weight: bold;">"Sidekick, banished by Maxi, to the
bathroom,for bad behaviour. Hahahahaha!
From the mouth of babes!"