Tuesday, July 10, 2007

In support of all those bloggers who have been blocked out of their blogs!

Oh my! the fact that I have gotten this far means that maybe I have been spared the frustration, agony and utter irritation of not being able to post on my blog.

I have just had tea with Mel...thanks friend for always having a listening ear to my life long laments about the futility and sheer boredom of life on this planet. While with her I discovered that she along with many other bloggers out there, can't post on their blogs. BUMMER!!!
What one does now I haven't the foggiest 'cos it is free.

I suppose I should test this sucker before I get any further with a potentially novel-long post, only to then lose it. Then I'd be seriously miff!

This is just a cute pic for good measure>>>

We'll soon see if I've been exempt.
C ya