Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Another day!

....and nothing much to report. Same old stuff!
I found this thought provoking quote site the other day...this is the gist of one section on

Learning not to grapple with every little thing that comes along,
is quite
a struggle for many of us. The eggs are too runny;
the coffee is not
hot enough; the clothes don’t fit exactl
y perfectly. Some of us have so
fashioned our lives around perfecting the details
of the small stuff,
that we never catch a glimpse of the bigger picture.

We so distract our lives with details and convince ourselves that
every little thing matters, that we live out of balance. Forgetting that
happens, the Lord never said life would be perfect to the last detail.

The trick is to look for the joys that come in small packages, that
come around
when you least expect it and make the most of them.
It is knowing that big packages
of joy are few and far between but
that's's life. It is
making the most of now, enjoying what is at
With the knowledge that with God inside us, where we are and
we are experiencing, is part of a pre-planned destiny. Our
peace is supposed to come from knowing that although every hour
every day might not be going according to our "great expectation",
it is going
according to His. We need to rest in that.

These pic's are x2 of those joy moments they spoke of>>>>>

Have a fab. 'small moment' filled day!


p.s don't you love the gremlins at work with the font colours hahaha! none of my doing I am afraid.