Thursday, September 13, 2007

Oooooh! it is definitely a gr8 day!

I just got an email from Maurianne Dunn from CK magazine........they want to publish another one of my L.O's.

all my hard work is definitely paying off. I am so excited I could just POP!!! What is it about getting published that leaves that delicious warm feeling after eating real Italian chocolate ice cream?????
Don't worry I am not going INSANE!

I am just amped....amped to scrap some more. I just wish I could find some funkier scrap stash......the stuff here for sale is just sooooo boooooooring! I suppose mustn't whine tho', I mean it is not like things are going to change anytime soon. I must just put my creative cap on & get cracking with my own embellishments!

Hmmmmm! talking about that I baked last night & I think......

CUP CAKES ARE IN ORDER to celebrate>>>>

These are not nearly as nice as the ones found @ my cupcake link but they can be eaten without guilt, being low fat, low sugar and icing free!!

So have a SUPER DOOPER treat filled day........I know I am salivating in anticipation of a good cuppa & one of those littl' darlin's.

Chat later