Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Trifle anyone????

I don't know about you but we only ever eat trifle at Christmas time with our Christmas meal. Well yesterday we decided to do it differently.......Trifle in September. I decided to risk the state of the kitchen and let Maxi help me. {I was nervous} . I am please to say he was a STAR!!! He spooned ingredients into the bowl like he'd done it a million times before......flattened.........smoothed...........sprinkled.......& VOILA! a beautiful dessert.

I also thought we'd be cleaning up carnage for hour afterwards but not a drop was spilt......he didn't even demand to lick the spoon but opted to wait until after supper. {I was shocked but I didn't push the issue...I mean that's the rule right??? No dessert until supper is eaten??} It did, at that point cross my mind that we might be a tad strict with that rule, hence the lack of nagging. I now feeling hectically guilty offered and offered him block of dark chocolate from the sprinkles on top. I am relieved to say he didn't hesitate in taking it and before I could change my mind, it was in his beak & gone forever. If my memory serves me right, that was the first block of chocolate Max has ever eaten and swallowed...... we have been reluctant to give him chocolate but knew it couldn't be avoided forever so caved @ Easter. It turned out to be an interesting day......each chocolate egg consumed, was promptly spat out into the waiting hand of the grossed out Mama, with a loud exclaimation: "YUK!".......the things we will do for our offspring, hey?

Success!!!! and delicious too.....bad for the hips of all over 10 but life is short I say. You have to be able to eat "bad" food sometimes??? All green & crunchy, all the time, makes for very boring eating wouldn't you agree????

What you need>>>>
Stale cake
Cold custard
Fruit...fresh or stewed
Whipped cream
Chocolate shavings or dessert nuts
Cherries for the top {we had run out}

The following pic is for my parents>>>>

Guys remember that ratty Yukka plant that grew on my balcony in Sea Point...that stood forgotten in the yard....unloved, dry and sick while we renovated?????

Well look at him now>>>>>>

It is almost as high as the roof of the house and at least 3m wide....we are going to have to tame him soon otherwise we won't be able to get into our front door soon without getting impaled on one of those deadly spikes. Amazing what the right soil, sunlight and enough h20 will do for one of these baby's.

Well chaps, I am off to watch an episode or ten of Lost, on our freebie web site. For all those TV series's fan who over the years missed something unmissable, your life will be forever changed by this link : TV-link ......happy viewing XXX

Nite-nite, chat again soon.