Thursday, October 18, 2007

Early start.

My day started REAL early this am. Maxi was up @6.15am {I was shattered to say the least!} Why you ask, if I got to bed at a decent hour???? Me... bed at a decent hour NEVER!!! & the fact that I am still fighting with my darn mattress, yip my new one :o( I didn't get much in the way of sleep.....the up side is that I did get to see the world just after dawn.....I was pleasantly surprised, it was lovely so took some pic's from my studio.

This is where I spend my pre-scrapping hours.....sorting, photoshop-ing & printing photographs.

The next pic is a picture from the top looking down into my husbands office space...{he runs his design shop from home}.

This is the view of the mountain behind our house.....well across the road anyhow.....

And the last one I am embarrassed to say, is one of my scrap space.....mid L.O. I have a policy when I scrap......Mess like mad while busy but once finished, clean up COMPLETELY! then soon afterwards, I start the whole process all over again.

I have finally finished a double L.O that I have been pushing around for days.....I had the idea in my head but just couldn't get the execution right. I am pleased to say that a couple of Jennifer Pebbles digi printables did the job & I am thrilled with the result. I wish I could post it here but I need to get it through to Jana Lilly @ CK first.....sorry guys! Soon I will be able to post some of my new L.O's, I promise.

Well, I gotta run & do some errands. Have a super duper day & I will try & post again tomorrow.