Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The best Uncle in the WHOLE world!

These are the words of a little boy in-love!!!! He is completely taken with his Uncle Steve. I have had my brother & sister-in-law staying with me....& have loved every minute of it!!! Being with family you haven't seen in ages, has gotta be the best thing ever!!!

Maxi's Uncle Steve has been tireless, patient, tolerant & a great play mate for the last couple of days. They have romped, laughed, tickled & played cars for hours. Now for a childless guy this is quite something wouldn't you say!

Three cheers for Uncle Steve!!!!!

Boy rough stuff!!

I now from tomorrow, I have no excuse not to be scrapping, I have a heck load of scrapping commitments to catch up Steph's challenge... how have the rest of you gotten on?

Mel, Jo, Anita....& you Steph???

Me you ask???? ......well I have otherwise been engaged BUT do not fear I will get to it gal's, probably not by the Friday deadline but soon after, I promise. And I still haven't gotten any further with my Arty L.O I started on the weekend....shucks, I getter get my A into G!

So nitey-nite all...I must go & visit some of my fav blogs....I feel like I am out of the loop, not having checked in for the last couple of days.