Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Doing it differently.

Sometimes it is healthy to break out of the usual routine of things & do something differently. Why you might think.....the chores of life are what they are, why mess with it? Well for most of us who's lives are nothing less than ordinary, the chance at a bit of variety is rather exciting....especially when you least expect it. Take the evening meal for instance......we cook, we prepare, we eat @ an undressed table {to minimize the tidying & washing up}, we watch in horror as our 3yr old children experiment with just how far a teaspoon of food can be flung straight up into the air without much know.....just ordinary everyday LIFE.

Yesterday, I decided it was time for a little bit of variety. I laid a cloth on the table with matching napkins, unpacked the silverware, poured our drinks into wine glasses {including Max....seriously!}, lit candles, put on some soft music and then spent half an hour explaining to Max the severity of my actions if he caused his usual havoc @ the dinner table. Tersh arrived for supper & stood there speechless...along with Max, just staring. To cut a potentially very long winded story short......supper was a roaring success. Max sat quietly & drank like a big boy from his wine glass, Tersh & I chatted & ate supper as if we were somewhere special, the world went on hold & it felt good! My husband was so touched by the small sentiment that I have realised sometimes it is worth just a small about of effort to make him feel appreciated, loved & valued for all his hard work.

Try it & be rewarded with the sparkle of candle light in the eyes of your 3yrs old trusted with a a big person's glass :o)


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