Wednesday, November 21, 2007

....& sometimes we just need to sleep!

I've been MIA I know but I just haven't been up to blogging much this week! In a nutshell I am dog tired because of lack of sleep...again!....if you have been following the saga of my NASTY bed over the past months....I have a new update on the incredibly boring subject that seems to be dominating my life right now.

We are now on mattress no. 6 & nowhere nearer to getting a good nights sleep. I am NAKKERED to put it lightly!! I now have dreams, where I fantasize about actually sleeping the whole night through, instead of tossing & turning to the music of my back protesting in E major. In my slightly delirious state I picked up the phone & for 20 minutes vented my frustration at the regional manager of the bed company from whence I bought the article in discussion. I am ashamed to admit, I felt much better afterwards!

He instructed me to go to any other bed shop within driving range of my home, find the mattress I liked & he would find it for me. So I did just that! My bed of choice after laying down on countless beds to the audience of an excited & hopeful sales person. It was near 11.30 this morning when I laid my weary bod on the 'Kay-way~elasto foam body form', oh my CAT is was like lying on a piece of heaven. It is made from materials formulated by Nasa for the astronauts....the biggest challenge I face tho', is convincing the regional manager, that for all the sleepless nights, stress & emotional scaring caused by dealing with their company over the last 12 months, is worth.....wait for it.....a price tag of R15 000 ($2 500) & that is only the mattress {as we have a suede bed base already}. It is worth a try don't you think??? Oh I am sooooo going to argue my point until he caves & delivers my NASA BED!

This is the bed that has given us so many hassles.
Maxi doesn't mind it tho', he has taken to crawling under the duvet
& reading a book while I am busy in the room.

A few of my blogging buddies were curious about why Maxi's new school teacher in called Aunty Sue. Here in SA, we are taught from young that someone our senior, blood relative or not, is called Aunty or Uncle before their first names. When we get to Grade 1, it changes to Mrs or Mr with their surnames afterwards. Until now I assumed it was the same all over the world....maybe it comes from our country's British heritage....I don't know for sure tho'.

Have a great day....& don't take your good nights sleep for granted....for some it is a pipe dream. Hahahahaha! that is until I get my NASA bed!