Sunday, December 23, 2007

Snow boarding!

This post will probably be SUPER boring for all except my boet & M& feel free to log out right about now if it doesn't grab you & I won't take it personally...:o)

Tersh braved the slopes the other for those not in the 'KNOW', my darling husband has only wanted to snow board like forEVER! My uncle surprised him the other morning by taking him to Rattlesnake Point to try his snowboarding skills out. Please bear in mind that he had to hire kit & borrow clothes {which were a couple of sizes too big} but did that discourage him....NOT IN A MILLION YEARS!! He psyched himself up & just hit it! Surprisingly enough he was bloody good for a first timer......he came a cropper about 4 times but then styled for the rest of the day.
This is T psyching himself up for the possibility that he might
have to be assisted down again with broken limbs.

Baby steps....& a bit cautious....

Got it waxed now!

Racing snake doing what they do best.....sliding @ sonic speed!

Tersh got home SO amped, I don't think the smile left his dial for hours afterwards. The bug has well & truly hooked. If for that reason only, my bloke is now sure more than ever that he wants to live here. You must know for a seasoned surf rat that is quite something! Now to ditto Tersh's favourite theme song "Oh Canada! Oh Canada!......" {he has this lame song that he loves & plays @ full volume whilst having his first cuppa every morning} get get quirkier, I know I have witnessed it! :o)

See ya later!