Friday, December 28, 2007

They arrived!

My aunts arrived from PE via London...last night. They got in at 2am in the am....wild flight. Shame they couldn't even sleep late with a over excited three year old making an enormous racket from early. He was SO excited to see them.

I am going to be spending all of today packing our suitcases. We leave for London on the 9am flight tomorrow......that means an early start...YIKES!!! The tricky part is going to be working out where to pack all my DELICIOUS stash!
*Maya road mini albums
* Paper~ American crafts, SEI & KI {I am in love with it all!!!}
* American craft thickers in all sorts of colours
*etc, etc
These are some L.O's off the AC web hey!

I had a ball buying it all, although I was hoping to get Hambly too but you can't get it here...too expensive to import apparently.
Anyhow I must go & pack. I will post again from London.



  1. Me, too...I want the Hambly Clearly Heavy Overlays...I just made one myself, sorta. I made a card:

  2. I ordered some from
    can't wait to get them on a layout!

  3. I hope you had a good flight!!


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