Monday, January 07, 2008

Alive & well!

I am alive & back in Cape Town, in case you were wondering. I have been so swamped with stuff to do since we got back...that I haven't had time to blog or regularly read all your blogs either~SORRY!
The chores of life didn't even give us time to recover slowly, because the very next morning saw us rolling our eyes at each other, from the queue at the supermarket & again from the laundry room & again from the garage, as we tried to find where the heck we pulled our suitcases from before we left. Sadly life carries on....even though our thoughts & hearts are still in the North surrounded by snow covered fields & frosty windows. We had an AWESOME time & miss it so much.....that the reality of African living is even harder to deal now that we have had a taste of Canadian life.

We are on a get there, so watch this space!

This week is so hectic with a list a mile long already, I will try & blog in snippets tho'. Hope you are all well & rested after Christmas. Chat soon.