Friday, January 11, 2008

Boy it's hot out!

Happy friday everyone!!!!!!

It is 30 degrees Celsius outside & bloomin' hot! I have nothing profound to share today, other than I feel really 'rich' for some reason. Rich in God's blessing & grace....I am evidently aware of the good life we live. We are ridiculously happy, we have a beautiful, spacious home, we want for nothing & I am about to step outside to the laughter of my children & husband, frolicking in our swimming pool. I then get to plunge my carcass into 25 degree water {solar heating panel really do work!} & relax without a care in the world.

Today I am especially grateful to our Lord for His unconditional spoiling. So I encourage you to enjoy even for just moment, the privilege of being alive.

Have a FABULOUS weekend!



  1. That water sure does look good. Cape Town 1 Canada 0
    Ha ha

  2. Love your comment Stef. The pic of Max is sooooo funny and Cas is looking so beautiful. x


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