Thursday, January 31, 2008


Hello everyone...I am sorry I have been so quiet this week. I have been SO busy with page calls, that blogging just hasn't been on my radar. So my gross lack of comments & or action by me on your blogs, is nothing really! My biggest deadline is tomorrow, so I cannot see much intelligent blogging happening until after the pages are submitted.

With my week being focused on getting these L.O's out, there isn't much juicy news to report on, other than a bit of an update on our home decor front.....I have been bleating on for, literally years, that we need bookcases for storage. But I just haven't found what I wanted....there is something about those cheesy white ones, found at the regular furniture type stores, that are just not appealing. Well, our patience paid off because we found some the other day that are perfect. They came in a flat packed kit form & all we had to do was build them. So now I have no excuse for piles of books & magazines that insist on lying around.....funny how they accumulate isn't it, even though if I think about it, I never seem to remember buying any of them?????
Mystery number #1003.

Please note my shelf priority.......Yip you guessed it. My scrapbooks!

I will hopefully get to some serious blogging catch up, tomorrow PM.
So until then **HUGS** & sleep tite.


  1. Hi, there!! I've missed blogging with you :) I can sympathize with how busy you are. It seems I have a million and one things to do lately myself. Thanks for leaving such lovely comments on my blog. I am feeling much better. It's almost been a week since Darren's death, so it has kind-of sunk in. I'm still really sad, though.

    To answer your question about the birdie card, I blended the yellow using my Prisma color pencils and some odorless mineral spirit (OMS). Works every time!!

    Have fun organizing your bookshelves. They look lovely!!

  2. There are fab.
    Where did you get them from?
    Spill it Sista.

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  4. Lovely shelves....we have a few whites ones in the kids room, but I know what you mean about them.

    I can't wait to find out about your scrapbooking and what you're designing!

    The new header is the BEST one...what a great pic of Max and Cas. I love the black scallopped border and the wood backdrop. Oh, your hiking photos are beautiful, too!


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