Saturday, February 23, 2008

Cool kit company!

Have any of you guys heard of Label tulip? It is the hottest kit site I have seen in a really long time. I heard about them last year when they had a DT call. Sadly I missed the call due to work commitments...& was seriously bummed out about it. Well, I noticed a week or two ago that they were having a DT call again and I applied. Today is the day that they make their announcement. I haven't heard anything as yet but is is early on in their Saturday, so you never know maybe I still crack a chance at being selected. I am soooooo anxious to see the results.

I am finding applying for DT positions really tricky because my online gallery is never completely up to date. With page submissions having to be exclusive & secret, all my latest work can't be posted anywhere. How do I show companies out there what I am capable of I wonder? I suppose I will just have to scrap more.... can't see a problem there :o)

I am also finding that people are reluctant to look at DT members from SA because there is a misconception that we are miles away from anything. I wonder if they realise that we are as far from the USA, as Hawaii is. I dunno, I'll just have to wait and see.
Pop onto their site tho & have a look at their AMAZING kits. Ohboy....I would give my pinky finger to work with stash like that.
I will keep you posted.


  1. It took so long for the comment window to appear I've visited 5 or so other blogs and can't remember what I had to say. I do like that you've posted twice since I last looked though. Am tired will try again tomorrow.

  2. Oh man! Why did you have to post a link to those gorgeous kits! I'm really tempted....

  3. Good luck on the DT position!! Your work is so amazing that I would be surprised if they didn't invite you to join their team :)


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