Sunday, May 11, 2008

Busy weekend!

We were so busy out & about this weekend, that today was the first time I have switched my lap top on.We were invited to a Prince & Princess party on Saturday & I was pleasantly surprised by the sweet, little miniature 'royals' that were milling around in their finery. Princess Erin Russel was in her social element & delegated tasks to all within earshot, who happily obliged. Of the couple of boys there...Max was by far the loudest, busiest & wildest on the coin operated arcade rides, which were a unanimous hit, with the weather outside being chilly & totally unsuitable for sparkly dresses. It ended up being a fun, fabulous birthday party. Princess Erin looking adorable....
Castle cake looking scrumptious (made & iced by her Dad, Rodney)
Present time.
The littlest Princess, Callan, looking gorgeous in here fushia tutu.

Today after we dropped Cas off with her Mom, we took Max to Kid's Planet to play. It is a new play center in Muizenberg with a great Space theme, fabulous educational activities & awesome play apparatus. The kiddies & parents, alike had a blast.
Enjoy your day guys!