Tuesday, May 06, 2008


It is finally done. The liquidation of my clothing company finally happened today. It has been going on for a year now with my partner dragging things out, leaving me hanging and waiting. Even though I haven't been involved there for a year now...it has been hell for me, the never knowing what is going on, the lack of communication from my partner, ug! it has been horrible. Well I went to court today & the papers are signed...I am free at last. Thank the Lord!!

Afterwards, my bloke took me out for a celebratory coffee @ a new restaurant called Knead, on the beach, overlooking False Bay. It was a stunning experience. They have renovated this beautiful deco building to its former glory, complete with million crystal chandeliers & marble work.
We had such a great time together. Flat Joscie was our guest...of course. And we dined on pastries made in the Knead bakery & perfect coffee. Flat Joscie did however, get very distracted by the Roxy shoes @ the surf shop at the back of the restaurant, we know how much she loves Roxy pumps; we could hardly pull her away LOL!
When we eventually did, we took a short stroll on Muizenberg beach & admired the view of Simon's Town & Cape Point in the distance. It was short lived though, because minutes later the heavens opened @ we were pelted by sheets of icy rain. Winter has arrived in the Cape :o(
Have a great day everyone...until the next exciting blog post..hahaha!
Luv ya!