Thursday, May 29, 2008

Fireside supper! no one's interested in the challenge from worries.....I'll do it myself & keep the RAK :o)

We did dinner differently last night.....
It was cold enough for the first fire of the season......cozy & warm & hardly any smoke (our home usually smells like a campsite after a fire). Max & Tersh did a sterling job of getting it going....even the dinosaurs helped carry sticks.Mushroom & zucchini pasta & grilled chicken....YUM!! Good thing Dad was OK with sitting at a 2 foot table on a tiny chair! Max was so stoked!!
Here is a L.O I did not so long ago about eating bangers & mash with glitz.....! Is it me or does this pic look sort of swiff??
Well lovlies.....keep smiling!