Monday, May 26, 2008

Ok I'm back!

Ag...I could but I'm not :o) going to apologize for being for being so absent from the bloggy world since nerves, as long as that?? I just didn't feel like it. After a week of solid scrapping I was really tired of my paper, PC & photo's.

I am pleased to report tho' that we had an amazing weekend!
Breakfast overlooking the beach on Saturday AM was perfect.....but Maxi was having trouble with his chest again, so didn't stay too long and opted to spend the arvi @ home chilling, with Disney's~ Dinosaur movie on DVD. Sometimes getting Max to sit still, is the best way to get his chest relax & open again. Sit still he did....what an unbelievable movie!!!! To think it was made in 2000 & they were already achieving such high levels of animation...WOW! if you haven't seen it, do yourself a favour & watch it. (It has a good story too).

My quirky husband, has a pallet for really odd sandwich fillings. Check this one out.....

Peanut butter, apricot jam & cheese Knicknack chips all piled thickly onto homemade wholewheat bread~ Uuugh! it looks so gross!On Sunday after church, we headed behind the boerewors (type of Afrikaans sausage) curtain (loosely translated~ North Cape Town, where all the fancy Afrikaans people live), to visit the Semple family. What a fine time we all had too.....we were fed & entertained all day....thank-you you lovely bunch!! Max is so taken with the Semple kiddlets that he has officially adopted them as Cousin Hannah, Caleb & Joshuah.....welcome to the family guys. As it turns out, Andrew's Mom's maiden name is Watson too, so I suppose we are related a couple of times removed. We went to the park to let the kids run & I managed to get some great Semple family shots. Prepare yourself for a photograph marathon...
I won't post too many pic's of the can go to Stef's blog & see them there...did you notice my bloke on the plane jungle-gym???? 46 (& a haaf-properly said with an American draawl :o) & still fit & able to play & climb with the boys.....I'm glad he's all MINE!!! heehee!

Well that's all for now folks...have a super day!