Monday, May 05, 2008

Ok, so it was my birthday yesterday!

Yip, I am older, not much wiser & a lot chubbier than I'd like to be @ 39! I feel like 39, is someone else's age, not my own.....I mean 39 was always the age of my mothers friends & now here I find myself, right there too....YIKES!!! I'm actually getting older....the realization that I have actually left my 20's, has finally twigged. People....if any of you see me heading for the isle of elasticated trousers in Woolworth' something, do something radical!

It was a really quiet day with nothing planned. At about 12.30ish Tersh said "Come we have to do something", so he treated Max & I to a lunch at a little old hotel in Fishhoek called 'Hotel in the Avenues'. It is not a popular place except for elderly British tour groups, so we were pretty much alone in the dinning room, which wasn't a bad thing. The 5 or so other tables of elderly people, were quite taken by our super charged little boy, which was a relief because it could have been very stressful trying to keep him seated for the duration of our meal. He kept them entertained by introducing himself to them & plonking himself down for a little 'chin wag', when conversation with us got a bit boring.

And we had a surprise guest....Flat Joscie from Hawaii. She flew in just for the occasion. My sweet friend, you were wonderful company...thank you XXX

We were the last to leave the restaurant...Max by this time was ready for a run & tumble & resorted to running & jumping off the raised section at the back of the room, launching himself into the air & rolling on the floor.
(Oh to be able to move to a country where restaurants cater for the difficulty of dining with children. Here in SA there is only 2 restaurant chains that do that & sometimes one would love to be able to order something other than a burger, hence our trying this deserted out of the way little place.)
On the scrappy front, I have been carding up a storm!!!! I realized the other day how many off cuts & scraps I have kept for the day I decide to make cards. Well the day finally arrived & I have made a ton of them.

Here are a couple for you to look at:Have yourselves a super day!!