Monday, June 09, 2008

Challenge #2.

Ok, challenge no. #2 is up.....a cool, interesting L.O from the June issue of Creatingkeepsakes magazine.

Now before you get all panicky, the L.O is for inspiration only & after all these L.O challenges are just that, challenges, to push you to try something new.
I was thinking about a multi photo L.O with a bit of a twist...for example do like she did, by using the index prints from when she had her photo's developed or maybe you want to cut the smaller pic's into circle shapes which would mean mixing rectangles & circles on one page...oooh! a bit of a freak out for 'line-it-up-up' type of scrapper like me. Now to add a bit of extra spice I want some paint or ink thrown in with stitching too, preferably real stitching but if that is just too much for you to handle, stamped or drawn stitching is just fine as long as you can clearly see it. The theme is up to you.

Come on girls let's see what you come up with this week. I will need all the L.O's mailed to me in time for me to post them on my blog by Monday 15th. Again there will be a small RAK involved together with a handmade card to get you motivated. Let me know if you are going to join in the fun, OK!

Have a super day!


  1. This will certainly be stretching me KJ. But I may just do it. For You and the greater good of all mankind, of course.

  2. I'm with Mel on this one - there in the deep end with my nose just bobbing above the water line - far out of my depth and all. We'll see how far I get, am working on Jo's BOM at the moment, getting the photos re-sized etc.

  3. oooh goody! I love that girl, I totally read her blog all the time. She is fantastic!

  4. loved that layout when I got that issue....and it inspired me to make this:
    alas....only 1 photo

  5. AAAARRRRGGGGHHH!!!! Can you hear the STRESS?????
    So much fun!!! I need to THINK, now!!!!

  6. I am trying to find enough photos and of the right size. I am planning on entering this challenge. I have until Sunday to complete it, so I have work to do. thanks again!

  7. Ok, I got it done. This was a challenge, I had to cover up A LOT of mistakes, lol! It definately challenged me and has inspired me to try more things. Thanks again for the challenge.

  8. lol! so I'm entered in this week's challenge then??? do I get a RAK if I win??? :)


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