Thursday, June 26, 2008

Challenge #4~ ' Frozen moments'

I was wracking my brain about what to do for this weeks challenge...& then in one sweet moment I had a berry good idea (hahahaha! good hey?) Staring @ me from laptop was the coolest Ben & Jerry's ad...& I knew that was it.

So here it is guys.....
Not only do we have to use the ad as a sketch, but the subject matter must include ice cream or dessert or any sweet indulgence you might fancy, in some manner or form. Feel free to use puns or play on words or heck even try a spoonerism :o)

Do you have a fetish about ice cream or strawberry cupcakes?
Are you allergic to the stuff?
Or are you just allergic to your kids eating sweet treats in the car?
Does sugar give you nightmares if you eat it just before bed?
Or is dessert an essential food group in your home?
Do you make waffles every Sunday after church?

Whatever floats your boat, lets see it!

The challenge deadline is Friday 4th all you guys from the USA, don't leave it to the last minute because I know you are gonna want to be free to celebrate...being the 4th 'n all.