Thursday, July 10, 2008

It came!

I am such a happy bunny. My Cocoa Daisy kit came yesterday arvi....& I am over the moon with the amazing mixture of stash......Ooooh! now I itching to scrap.

Hey maybe I can start now seeing as there is silence in the ranks here @ home.

Maxi came home from a play date full of SASS! His smart mouth got him banished to his room for a lie down. He called me 10 minutes later saying that all his bedding & pillows had "fallen on the floor" and "could I please pick them all up".
I, not in the least bit interested said..."NO WAYS BUDDY...pick them up yourself!!"
I checked up on him a little later because things were unusually silent.....he was fast asleep with all the bedding & pillows all back on his bed but he was facing the other way.....defiant till the end.....thats my boy, growing his own little bit of spunk heehee!