Thursday, July 03, 2008

Photo stream #3

Hello everyone....time for It's real life #3. As requested by is the next photo installment:

My bed side table including hairy cow, rubber toad & two tiny cars....and the necessary regulars... bible & photo of Tersh & I on our wedding day!

There are no drawers for you to peek in but every day I chuck the hot water bottle underneath it.

Under my bed.....nothing but an electric plug point & Max's piece of kitchen counter board that he plays 'Great Sphinx' with.

My PJ's...all horribly functional....nothing even remotely interesting to hold your attention for longer than 1 second...:o)

My art for the walls.....we look all the frames down about 6 months ago to paint black. They were painted but now sit against the wall......waiting to be put back......Ho-hum!

My bedroom...I love it for the space, light & view into the yard. It is an expression of me in that it is uncluttered & uncomplicated & what you see is what you get; no mess-no fuss. The only thing I hate about it is, that it is ridiculously cold in the rest of our house.

Well that's it guys...hope you enjoyed the tour.