Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I found it!

My challenge enthusiasm is back.....I have been so sick with flu over the last 2 weeks...AGAIN! that I just haven't felt like focusing anything mentally challenging, other than flicking the remote on & off.
Well I am happy to say that hopefully this is the last I shall see of the nasty flu that has been hovering over Cape Town for the last two months. By now I should have so many anti bodies in my blood stream...warding off an episode of the plague should be a breeze :o)

So who's up to a a bit of a scrappy challenge? I was thinking hard about what would be a good theme for challenge #9 (no smart 'she was thinking?' comments please!) & I was wondering what I personally find challenging?.....As a whole not much, unless of course it is a double L.O...they make me sweat & see double (no pun intended). Now I know there are those faithful blog buddies out there, who can whip up a double in their sleep, but there are plenty of us who can't, so humor us & share your expertise .....pleeeezze!

I borrowed a 2008 sketch from Becky Fleck @ Page maps to give the likes of 'moi' a starting point. You might be looking at this thinking ...what on earth is she blabbing on about...that sketch is SOOOO basic??? but don't be fooled guys.....that's all I'm saying :o)
The deadline for this L.O will be next week Friday...the (um?) I'll have to look the actual date up. Let me know if you are going to play along.

Have a super day!