Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Weekend pic's.

We had a bit of a quiet weekend this last one, having a ton of school homework for Cas to do. She is 10years old in Grade 4 & sometimes is faced with really difficult projects & assignments to do for homework that are way beyond her capabilities unaided. Boy, with the amount of parental help needed, I wonder if they actually end up learning anything from the exercises? Needless to say I took NO photo's, so I will share a couple from the weekend before last. Get comfi...because there are quite a few.

Max caught on film inside the dirty washing bin....he had dragged it into the dining room & climbed into it, when I took this pic. How blue are his eyes?

My bloke got a surprise visit from the courier the other day....his birthday pressie had finally arrived. It was a 6x11 inch Wacom tab....his glee is evident on his face. This baby is an absolute must for any serious designer...(OK I don't quite qualify but maybe I'll get to play on it a little too?)

Tersh went surfing with the epic swell that hit the Cape that weekend. We went with him for an outing & had a blast. Max built sand castles & played in the sand, I took a million photographs.

He tried his hand at sand surfing...& had already informed us that as soon as he can swim properly in the sea, he wants to learn how to surf.....oh dear!

Running down sand dunes was such fun for big & little alike!!

Tersh hitting the waves....he is such a babe in black rubber heehee!

To end the weekend off perfectly I tried my hand at homemade cinnabun's. They turned out FANTASTICALLY!! & were really easy to make too. These are going to become a firm fav in our home, I just know it!

Well guys I hope you enjoyed looking at these pic's, as much as I did taking them.
(PS: if you need the recipe for the cinnabun's let me know)
Cheers for now.