Thursday, October 09, 2008

Man down!

I put my back out yesterday....what a pain it is {literally haha!} I can't twist or bend forwards...eshhh! I feel like a geriatric.
So much for: "I'll just find the heat gun in the garage"....all I got from that little exercise a large pain in the back & no heat gun. I had to give up a rather great sounding coffee with mates this AM because of this, so here I sit feeling mighty sorry for myself, trying to squeeze out a blog post. {OK I'll get myself together & try not bore you to tears.}
I really wanted to try heating embossing...& to do that I needed T's heat gun. I mean why do we have all this art stuff lying around our scrap rooms, if we don't use it. At the time I bought the embossing powder, I thought I'd just use my hair dryer....NOOOOO~bad idea! {This I found out the hard way.}
Oh dear, another project shelved until further notice....well, at least until I find a heat gun somewhere...hey Jo, maybe Gumtree will have one :o)

On a more cheerful note...I baked choc chip cookies with Maxi after school yesterday & he is so patient in the kitchen. He carefully measures the ingredients, breaks eggs, pours milk...even chops chocolate; it is so sweet to watch & his effort was well worth it'...look at this delish plate of cookies!

If you want the recipe, let me know & I'll mail it to you.

Well that's all I can muster up folks...not very riveting was it?? Ok... I'm going to go now...I need a large glass of pepsi... to help me drown my sorrows :o)
Chat later!

P.S Don't forget about the scrap challenge...deadline is the 10th...tomorrow but I could stretch it until the end of the weekend if you need it?