Monday, January 19, 2009

Long beach

The weather was so awesome this weekend, that we spent most of it outdoors...either experiencing it first hand with the sun on our faces or with friends around the pool.

These were taken at Long Beach, a beautiful stretch of our coast line 30 minutes drive from our house...that is thankfully still pretty much natural & fairly unspoiled by commercialism. The owners of the opulent {expensive} beach houses you can see, are mostly vacationers or nature lovers they are all for peace, quiet & no need shops or restaurants either. It is one of our fave things to do on the rare occasion when the wind isn't too bad.

The tide was ridiculously low...rare for this time of year!

Hopefully this weekend will be the same & we can head out there again. Nothing like gorgeous views & fresh air to clear the head & invigorate the weary body from an epic 4 hour stint of Criminal minds the night before. (We are suckers for a good DVD series. One is just never enough)

Well you guys have yourselves a super day!
Chat soon.