Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pirate in the house!!

Hey guys…I hope you are well & having a super day so far??? It is a public holiday here today…Heritage day I think haha! I’m a shocker aren’t I, that I don’t even know for sure, but I didn’t need much encouragement to do very little today. I enjoyed a fun day with my little boy while his Daddy worked. Talking about my little boy….he is the subject of my project today. Being Thursday I have Trends as my theme…..together with the funky Twilight line.

We don’t officially celebrate halloween here in SA, so I don’t have typical halloween scrapping ‘ammo’, but I wasn’t fazed though. This line is SO versatile & I had a blast putting together this page. It is an interview I recorded with my little boy….oh ah…sorry, I mean…. the scary ‘Captain Cutlass’. (His answers to the interview were so cute & funny…..take a look.)

For the trend angle of the page…I thought I’d highlight eyelets today. Over the last little while they have really made a come back into ’scrapping fashion’ again. I LOVE using them in all manner of ways…this time I used them to attach my stars to the page.

I really hope I have inspired you to go & hunt for those eyelets & give using them a bash again. I am excited to see how you use them too NB: Link us up in the comments then we can all take a peek :)

Again using the Twilight line I put this page together about Max & his new career choice of the moment.....'Mad Scientist'...he takes it REAL seriously!! :)

So have yourselves a super day!!
Aaaarh! (hehe! couldn’t resist that)