Wednesday, October 14, 2009

CK November issue...

The November issue of CK is out, & I have to say I LOVE it. It is so full of amazing ideas & inspiring L.O's, if you haven't got yourself a yourself a favour, go grab one I am positive you won't regret it!!!

Talking about this will notice that they feature someone's scrap space......'ehem'....that would be none other than MINE hehe! I was very honored when Joannie McBride contacted me asking if I was keen to show my humble space.
Since the mag came out, there have been some questions relating to my space, specifically the 'floating wall' on one end of my living room.  Here are a couple of extra photos that will show you what it is (it doesn't really float...see).
I'd love to hear your feedback or comments

I am blessed to have a wonderfully spacious home & tried a couple of areas to set up my scrap space before settling on this one. It is a compact space, chosen purely because of the proximity to the rest the happenings of our home. Stuck away in a room somewhere, I felt isolated  & out of touch with the rest of the family; here I can 'scrap-on-the-fly', tinkering on whatever my project might be whenever I get a gap, no matter how small.
I hope this answers your questions? Thanks for letting me share!

Have a super day ya'll!