Tuesday, June 21, 2011

My craft room ♥ = Progress

Oh yes this is my HAPPY TUESDAY happy face! Not only because I am blown away by God's favor in my life but because the 'crud' in the background is another step closer to having an official home. There is something about oil paint & turp's that brings a smile to the face... besides the fumes that is?
KJ's happy face!

Blank canvas...dry & ready for crafty love.

My GEORG-OUS 60's unit, oiled & waiting.

The littl' 'deco-darlin' waiting for her coat of Cool Lagoon & puter handles. *sigh*

Just my type... in girly pink.

Vintage finds.....LOOK vintage doilies ready for a lamp shade.

12x12 storage...oh yeah!

T & my 'love-hobby'.... old camera's.

Evidence that we are making progress...AND pretty. I am itching to move in.
Roll on weekend & school break for the time to do it.
Tuesdays ROCK!