Monday, May 21, 2012

Win a spot on one of Maggie Holmes Photography Workshops!!

 Maggie Holmes is one of the most inspiring photographers I know. Not only does she inspire me as a scrapbooker with her sophisticated colorful style but she makes me want to improve my photography skills beyond my current skill. Maggie is super talented  I especially  love that her photos are always so crisp and vibrant!

Here is an example of her fabulous work:

Which is why I am excited to announce that she has created two NEW online workshops in which she will share with you all of her trade secrets, tips and tricks on how to take kick-ass photographs. Her 'class' format is always well laid out and easy to use. I have heard from very reliable sources that her workshops more than pay for themselves because the amount of invaluable info you'll learn along the way.

The dates for the workshops are:

Photography 101: July 9th - August 18th, 2012

Advanced Photography: August 20th - September 29th, 2012

These will be the last workshops she'll be having for 2012 and class sizes are limited, so to guarantee a spot, I suggest you grab a seat register early to avoid disappointment.

Now because you are so darn cute, Maggie is allowing a $50 discount for all those early birds who sign up quickly, it expires on the 31st May so you'd better hurry if you want to take advantage of it. A great discount like this can't be ignored :)

 It that isn't enough, I have some more FABULOUS news in that sweet Maggie is giving away ONE SPOT in EACH class on her blog for FREE:)

PLUS - Maggie is also giving away a surprise BONUS spot in the Photography 101 class too and the winner for this will be drawn at random from one of the blogs below! LEAVE A COMMENT here, visit each blog below and leave a comment there too to better your chance of having your name randomly drawn for the prize!

Maggie Holmes

Susan Weinroth 
Dawn McVey
Davinie Fiero
Geralyn Sy 
Kelly Noel  
Veronica Jennings
Lisa Truesdell 
Mou Saha  
Piradee Talvanna 
Stacy Cohen 
Megan Hoeppner  

Giveaways are open until Wednesday the 23rd May!
Winners will be announced on Maggie's blog and here as well on the 24th May.

Good luck everyone!!
(Please note:If you register for a class and later win a spot, your tuition will be refunded. This does not apply for purchases made for previous classes.)