Thursday, November 09, 2006

Another day closer to moving.....

Hi there all. Hope your day is more interesting than mine, I am playing the waiting game (yet again)with my clients, for my outstanding summer orders, wheeu things are getting tight to be able to deliver by the 15th December. I will be soooo pleased when December is over...

*giggle* I am thinking about Maxi, he is such a hoot! Over the last 2 weeks he has discovered how to undress himself, needless to say he has become a fully fledged nudist. It has however made toilet training so much easier, he just goes on the grass, rather than in the house like a puppy. I love that kid, he is so unique, polite (I'm sorry, please and thankyou all the time), loving (freely giving hugs and 'big kisses'), verbally descriptive ,funny ,musical, opinionated, and so bright it makes my head spin, all this and he is only 2. He brings so much joy to our family and everyone who is in his life. He is crazy-mad about his Daddy and visa-versa. They are a silly pair together, laughing, tickling, walking around the neighbourhood looking for cats pair, that are my reason for being on this planet. Here is a piccie of them.

We have got band practise tonight for Sundays service, yaaaay! I hope everyone is focused and doesn't spend ages horsing around wasting time because I am still struggling to get up to scratch with all the new songs. I am ashamed to admit that there have been Sundays when I look at the song list and think "oh well, I will have to mime song 3 & 6 "....haha don't quote me. I am slowly getting there tho'.

Geepers I am really itching to scrap! Haven't had much time to scrap much over the last little while, with work being so draining. To make things worse my favourite scrapping forum is changing servers and has been down for about 10 days now. I miss the interaction with the girls on the forum and their encouragement when I post any new L.O's in the gallery. Makes one realise how addictive forums can become... LOL! If you have a moment, go and see the site and look at my gallery, my web name is KJ-Starre.
Anyway enough yakking.
Have a super day!

P.S Here is a page L.O I did recently of Cas, using some of the new basic grey paper range.

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  1. A small start to becoming *famous*.
    Dont forget the little people, and I get a special mention hey!

    Seriously, LOVE the blog idea, at least I can check in on your life everday or so (even tho we live 15mins apart!!!).

    I love technology!


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