Monday, June 25, 2007

Things you regret the second you have done it...

Anyone done that????
Well I have.
and today was one of those times -----------------------Batteries!

Those non-bio degradable tubes of potential, courtesy of the Crazy Store....I bought piles of them today. Why, only heaven knows....{in hindsight, a moment of madness}

I got home and proceeded to go through Maxi's toy and book collection, "fixing" all his favourite "friends" (as he puts it).

  1. Arrsula~{his chinese speaking/singing, sit-on racing car}
  2. His push along fire engine with siren.
  3. His Big Bear sing-along book with microphone.
  4. The Goodnight Tutter sing-along book.
  5. The SING-ALONG FARM BOOK {aaaarh!} with authentic animal noises.
  6. Old McDonald musical guitar.
Oh my SHATTERED nerves. What a MISTAKE!!!!!
My normally peaceful home, was filled to bursting with every conceivable noise and badly manufactured-by-some-Chinese-guy, song. Maxi was over the moon to have his old favorites back and spent the afternoon getting reacquainted with them.

Oh, did I regret buying those batteries!

Well Monday aside we....{the usually super boring Watson's} actually had a fab weekend. I collected Cass early of Friday so I could take her to a Doctor in Fishhoek {she has been struggling with headaches}. Turns out she had a really bad bladder infection~mostly diet related. She had to have blood drawn....she was really brave but her facial expressions were too funny. She said I should post these photo's of her with the nurse.

So veggies, H2O, fruit & healthy foods are the order of the day. NO! nutella on white bread allowed ;o)

On Saturday we gatecrashed the Russel's in tableview. We were on our way to the Farmstall, on the West coast Rd but weatherman Pete, saw the Watson's venturing out and sent rain....buckets of it.
The Russel's were very hospitable and laid on boeri-rolls and rugby. Yip, you read right.....RUGBY! The four of us sat in front of their large box and commented non-stop about the why's, should-do's, ought-to's, shouldn't-do's of the Boks rugby game. You would swear the Watson's watched every moment they got. SSShhhhhh! don't tell but I was wondering:
  • Why on earth do they get to run with the ball the whole time?
  • And what's with this: on-the-ground-thing, they all seem to do the whole time? {lazy blighters}
  • They've got you fooled, 110kg's...ya right! I saw those shoulder pads sticking out of more than one of those guy's T-shirts.
  • Is it normal practice to give your opponent we'ggies, every time they bend over....quite gross really?
  • Who on earth was that short guy with the Pommy accent wearing the blue and white? All he did was get under everyones feet?
  • And last but not least....I think that blonde kicking guy needs to have his eyes checked more regularly. Did you also notice that every time he kicked the ball across the field, he kicked it into the hands of those guys in black. I wonder if he is a planted All-black know for a bit of a bribe now and then???
So while the grown ups worked up a bit of a sweat, flicking channels, the kiddie-winks had pints of fun, eating snacks and watching DVD's. Erin is a week younger than Maxi and a real sweety pie. The two of them get on so is too funny listening to them have a conversation together. Old man-Maxi has found his verbal match......the two of them yak and shoot the breeze like 2 washer woman on Wednesday wash day.

Hows these cute piccies of the two of them>>>>>>

The Russel's are expecting baby Caylin in August.

For all the Fan-damily out there..... I have posted a mixture of photo-ies from the weekend. To those non-interested parties who do read my blog from time to time {thanks! by the way} I will not be offended if you log off right about now. Nothing more boring than wading through someones else's, bad quality family happy-snaps.

Kiddies playing at the Picknpay centre in Tableview>>>>>>>>

Lulu the minature sausage-dog
{newest addition to Tammy's household.
Too oulik hey???

Little nudie!!! {He was showing us his butt-crack. Hmmm now where could he have possibly heard that from?} hahahaha!

This pic was taken at about 5pm in the evening......the temp. was about 12 degrees and Maxi was stripped down to the skin. He found an enormous mud puddle while we were out walking and ended up swimming in it fully clothed and who said parenting was gonna be easy???

Well thats all for now folks. It's late and I haven't sent my newest L.O's to CK yet. Oh well tomorrows another day. They can just wait, hey? Now I can say I have my priorities straight.....blogging comes first!!!


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