Thursday, June 21, 2007

Tools of the trade.

Morning all

Yeh, I know I have been quiet. There has been this "thing" taking up my free time for the last couple of evenings.....ummmmm..... should be honest is the question?
I hang my head in shame and whisper.... Greys Anatomy.

{Yip, the joy of technology....DVD on the Mac in bed}

I know, I know ...shameful, you are probably saying....but it stays so nice we just can't help ourselves. We have just about the whole 3rd season from Tammy and we can't just watch an isolated episode and then wait for the rest. Anyway we are just about finished and then things can go back to normal around here.


with blogging and scrapping how on earth does one actually get anything finished before 12pm??? If anyone has any tips or tricks please feel free to pass them along to moi.

I have done a bit of scrapping lately...I mean how can one not, with Jo having such fabulous papers for us to use. What I did however give some thought is what we like to use the most when we scrap. These are my tools of the trade:

Buttons~ Autumn leaves (of course)

Tools.... {lots of yummy tools}~

Ribbons~ I know i need storage solutions


Stamps~ Autumn leaves & 7 gypsies are my fav.

Not forgetting my faithful Laptop~

My Scrapspace~ love it here behind my wall

All this in the hope of finding some semblance of purpose in this life.....a chance to catalog all we do, achieve and say. And hopefully be able to influence, even if for a moment, all who delve into the deepest part of who we are as people, through our pages.

For the love of family...................

Have a cool day.

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  1. Am so coveting your 7G stamps girl. And oh, to be able to cuddle up and watch tv .... ah. Am wondering how I am going to make it til 7pm today. I still have, like, 5hrs before I can put anyone to bed! EEEEUUUWWW.


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