Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Can't chat!

Morning world!

I am feeling fab this morning......a bit hyper but good. I finished my 'Chill' page for CK last night and I must get it through to them this AM, so no chatting...just sending. {Flip, I have still got to photograph it}. Once I am done tho' I must get cracking on my next one....weird to think of Valentines day, now. Got some cool ideas tho' and can't wait to get going. S'ppose I better stop blogging and get cracking!!!

Got confirmation from Jo that we are booked in and going to the scrappingbooking "Do" at Spier, Scrapfinity {C}elebration is what they called it. I am so looking forward to it. Not so much for the "kits" and L,O's they will "teach" us but rather for the big ole' social and I get to put faces to all the names I have been hearing about in the scrapping circles for the last 2 years or so. Only dampner is it is on the 4th Aug and that means Tersh has both kids by himself for the whole day......anyone keen to pitch in and help rescue my darlin' hubbie? {PLEASE!} haha! rolling of the eyes! I know what you are thinking!

Well thats all folks......will check in later hopefully.

Have a good one......

The pic @ the top of the post, is one of T & I the year we met. No we didn't drink all that tasting outing...joke of the century tho'....we both hardly drink. Oh, the games of the childless.....{I'll say no more}.


A moments silence for all the 500 000 Brits with no lights and water due to the floods. Yip, the UK is sounding more like Africa every day. No wonder my folks are feeling right at home. LOL!


  1. I nearly died laughing when I saw you 2 sitting with all those bottles! x

  2. Nice pic KJ & Mr T - you both lookso young, see what happens when you have kids!! BUT......can you imagine life without them? Noooooo.....

    floods are terrible Oxford under water now, the news camera crew held their camera under the water (10ft) and way down in the murky water was petunias!!!
    byeeeeeeee - oh enjoy Spier Dol


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