Monday, July 30, 2007

Not much to say today!

Not much to say today folks! Although it is 8.20PM & I am blogging! Yaay! for no afternoon naps!~ Max that is. I know I am a woman of leisure but I never nap in the arvi {although the thought crosses my mind each and every day}.

Moeks is so good these days, no performance, no tantrums, just nitey-nite and silence! It gives me time to get stuff work on L.O's for page calls due this week and early next week. Deep and meaningful stuff I know. Don't start!!!! I just know the peanut gallery is mumbling something inaudible. A woman newly relieved of purpose has to start somewhere you know.... this is my somewhere....

I had a good & busy day...with a page to be in for a competition by 12 am.....I only started the page last night, so it was serious low flyin~ hahahahah! {nothing like a bit of pressure to get me arse into gear} had to be in the scrapping style...Shabby Chic. I have never done anything like this before and seriously got into it the more I experimented.

*I got ink all over the place.
*Tore & ripped paper.
*Sanded & distressed stuff.
* Tilted stuff and stuck it skew {biggie for me}
*Sewed everything.
*Stamped in black all messy & over other stuff.

Yeeehhaaaa! I had a blast>>>>>>>

I then had to get 10 L.O's into another Scrapping crowd on-line . They are running a fab! competition at the moment, for a Cricut machine {R4600}~ way out of my budget, so free would be a bonus! They have also asked me to do scrapping classes for them and the L.O's were a gr8 way to showcase what I do. All that had to also be in by 2 PM, so that was most of the day gone. Where was Max you ask??? at James house. We had a play date organised last week already so everything worked out perfectly.

My next project is for Friday, so I better get off my PC and give it some thought andl that's about as profound as it gets I am afraid.

I am going to go now, good night all! I will try and get a bit deeper tomorrow, I promise!


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  1. g8 paj KJ - like the little brown bag/envelope/purse - it makes you want to open it and look inside! lovely pic, I remember the pic of cass L side.....she's a cutie - very nice paj...well done hope the prize is in the post sooooooonnnn.
    Like the one of Max will make a g8 paj as well.
    luv ja aaallllll kiss kiss and hugs


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