Monday, August 27, 2007

Great times!

This weekend was real a good one! We kept it varied as possible and away from home as much as possible too. When you work from home the last thing you want to do on weekends, is be at home for another x2 days if you don't have to.

Poeks came home with this cute project from school. I thought he would be itching to eat them....I was informed: "No! Mama, if I eat them, it will mess them up!"

Friday arvi was really cool...Maxi & I did some painting together. I am trying to get him to express himself creatively without pressurizing him too much. He is just not interested in drawing or painting....his reasoning when I ask him is :
"I don't know how to draw 'a ..whatever the project is' do it Mama, 'cos I can't!"
I thought if I did it with him and chose subject matter he is crazy about, it mi
ght entice him to get involved.We did quite well with all things considered.....and Maxi managed exersize his 'crafty' genes for about 40 minutes ...the loud "ENUFF OF THIS MAMA!" sort of ended that session.

Sat AM was spent wandering around the Builders Warehouse....we went in search of mini cacti & ended up buying cacti, a divine reading lamp and even managed to fit a leisurely breakfast......with a busy 3yr old. Oh did I mention we gave him a fist full of coins to feed the yellow VW bug riding kept him occupied for ages while the mum & dad guzzled good coffee and grub!

Sat arvi was spent with good friends, the Browns, walking around the beautiful estate where they live. Oh, the joy of a controlled environment.....SAFE! Had a ball even tho' all the kiddie-winks had a melt down of sorts, at one time or another. The results of no afternoon nap.

Sunday was spent low key but started off FESTIVE with a quick visit to the Rasmussens for Jo's birthday. We ate pastries, drank coffee and shot the breeze while the kids were entertained by Scott & Erin.
HAPPY BIRTHDAY sweetness~we luv ya!

Well as you can see fun was had in great volumes~ The evening finished off well with a long skype session to my Mom & Dad! Max loves 'skyping' his Bam & Pop's. He gets 'virtual' stories read to him, songs sung to him and general FUN, FUN, FUN from 1000's of miles away. The joy of technology!
Well gotta go & collect parcels from the post office~ car's for Maxi from the doting grandparents, I betcha!!! Oh, well you are only a child once and a boy can never have too many cars.

Luv ya

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  1. Wot a cool post. Really enjoy hearing how yáll spend your time. Look forward to seeing more of you guys on weekends. We gonna try see Jo on Thursday? Levi is miz miz miz, teething glory. so I will be housebound til Thurs, I reckon.


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