Thursday, August 16, 2007

Ha-ha!! the sun has come out!

Morning all! I have just peeked out of the window and guess what.....the sun has come out. There is something about feeling the sun on your face and having to reach for your sunnies to ward off the glare, that reminds you, you are alive. I think today is going to be a good day!

I have sent off some L.O's to Jo's web lady for her site, organised air tickets for our trip in December, phoned the dentist, and caught up with my SMS's........definitely a good day. I am scrapping again......yaay! Scraplifting mind-you from the new Autumn leaves book " Perfectly Clear" creatively dry times like this, it is allowed I say. I mean why publish these beautiful books if you can't use them??? Hopefully I will be finished soon and Jo can put it on her site.

Anyway lovely ones.....I must make hay while the sun shines, as they say.....Max is still content to play by himself, so until "I'm it"...I must get cracking!!

This is the way to live......WILD & FREE>>>>>

Chat later XXXXXX


  1. Wow,impressed, you blogging in the monring??? It IS a good day indeed!
    Love the wild and free pic of your boy. classic

  2. Love the photo, you are so good! Cant wait to see the lifts keep them coming.

  3. Wa cun ah seeeeeey !!

    from the 'laying low' Clueless Layne - reporting for duty ah ah sirrrrr

  4. Hulllooooo? Anyone out there???


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