Monday, August 13, 2007

Hi world, miss me?

Ha! fat are all probably cursing my apathy for not posting more regularly and have deleted my link off your blogs.

Sorry man!!!!

I just haven't felt up to it.....with the last 2 weeks being hectic with SCRAPPING, SCRAPPING & more SCRAPPING! and in all honesty I am scrapped out & blogged out. You ladies out there who scrap for
love or $ are probably asking: "Why is the tart complaining?".

Haven't you ever been in a place where the sight of your lap top, acrylic stamp collection, paper stash etc just gives you the creeps? No?

oh well.... I am on my own then. To make matters worse our wireless router and server has been down.....and up......and down......and aaarrh! enough to drive me scatty. Us Westerners who rely heavily on being connected to the greater planet, really struggle when we are not. I feel isolated, cut off, lost.....and yes, PATHETIC!!!! {anyone know of a help group or two.....I might need some council-ling}
Well as a last resort I turned off our network encryption code {I almost know what I am doing} and......VIOLA!!!! all sorted.

Problem now being, that anyone with the know how can quietly park in the vicinity of my house and surf the net to their hearts content.....and NO that is not an invitation, unless of course you pop in for a cuppa first. I have no excuse now for not posting I suppose....and I will try I promise to blog at least once a day~ bwhahahahahaha! ~ fat chance but my intentions are good.
So watch this spot.

The next bunch of pic's, are for those family members out there who have forgotten what we look like OR any other marginally interested parties.....

Surprise birthday tea for my Hunnie by B & two are stars

The next pic's are of Maxi-moo having a joll at the Play Park in Ustenberg Vlakte.......45min drive mind you, but totally worth it. We were suppose to meet some of Tersh's friends there but they couldn't make it at the last minute....we didn't mind tho' cos the weather out there was FABULOUS. We had an amazing day together!

Even the dad had FUN!!!

If you were wondering where the Mama was....... behind the camera as usual.

Anyway, I will end here before some of my regular readers complain about the post being too long!!! No pleasing everyone, hey?

Be happy and remember to look for at least one small pleasure today....I am speaking to myself here too. Ground hog is rearing it's ugly head again....and it is so easy to spiral downward into that place that makes me into a grump!!
Until next time.


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  1. Yay! good to see you back, was doing my head in. looks like T had a good birthday, well done on surprising him! Yes, I too understand about being scrapped out.....I have somewhat OD'ed myself. Time to blog again. But I have some awesome photees I must do ----- the ones you took of F on the trampoline? those are next! Later madam xxx


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