Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Yesterday was T & I's 5th wedding anniversary! Yip, we made it through another wonderful year together. It has been interesting, funny, stretching and on a scale of 1-10....10!! T & I are still very much in love and looking forward to spending the next 5 years together. You know you've got it made, when it feels like you live with your best friend!!

The last couple of days have been great! I have frantically been working on some scrapping projects and I am pleased to say that they are finally finished and sent.
Wheeeu! the pressure was enormous.....I am reluctant to say anymore about them at this stage but hopefully I will able to soon, so hang in there I will keep you in the loop.
Pressure is a funny thing isn't it??? It has this weird ability to fill your body with hormones and chemicals to sustain you while you need to be in top form but as soon as the pressure is off so to speak and reality kicks in, so ends the natural 'uppers' your body is filled with. I don't know about you but the result is normally one of the following:

1) you get sick
2) all you want to do is sleep!

Well the latter hit us on Sunday arvi and ....wait for it.........


All x3 of us managed to have an afternoon sleep....together.......in our big bed. This folks is a momentous occasion because the Watson's never sleep in the arvi, we never have {not that we haven't wanted to} but other than a couple of times while my folks were with us......we just don't {or can't is more accurate} sleep.
I even managed to get the evidence to prove it...LOOK MUM it happened!
The result was x3 very happy & contented people. So much so that when T & I were asked by Max to: "talk the cars!" we both exclaimed: "Sure Maxi, lets go!"
{for those in the know....this task is never tackled with much enthusiasm...ever!}

The afternoon was rounded off rather nicely with a walk around St James.......admittedly the tour of the art galleries was short lived because the stress of potential damage bills courtesy of a a curious little boy, was too much for the Mama and we headed off to find something else to do.

Oh there was one funny thing that I must mention.......Maxi found a piece of art that he decided he loved.
I think it was the: "It is soooo beautiful Mama!" said it all.

It was a wooden bust of a voluptuous, headless woman. He was fascinated and kept wanting to go back and see it again and again. Bearing in mind it was completely abstract in execution...so how he related to it I have no idea???It must be a male thing.

Anyhow we wondered around the back streets of ST
James, where we happened upon this really great park. It was nestled in amongst some delicious new modern houses and some of the original quaint period houses. It was really weird tho', because as lovely as the surroundings were, we still didn't feel safe enough to sit back and just let Max play by himself. With so many North African people having moved into the area into rentals, one is never quite sure if the rumors of "the apparent drug industry' are true or not. Hence the parents were ever vigilant over the yellow haired kid who stuck out like a sore thumb in the mix.

Our ever more obsessed boy was deliriously happy, when he discovered these little beaut's parked down one of the side roads.... Could this be the beginning of a life time love affair, I wonder??? {Together with every conceivable version of VW combi's and bugs that were ever manufactured!!!}

In his little world Mini Coopers & VW's ROCK!!!

Well lovely people I am going to go now and see to my sick boy. He was running a 38.8 degree fever a couple of hours ago and nurse Mama is needed {not that the nurse knows what the heck she is doing......HELLO GOOGLE!!}. Have a good nite and hopefully I'll post again tomorrow, that is if we are graced with some sleep tonight.



  1. Hi, Happy Anniversary!!! You guys look like youve been together for ever and Im sure you will be. x

  2. KJ the pic of T & M is gorgeous - has to be a scrape page hey!? Hmmm the headless bust what can aaayyyy seyy (I say) the cars well, cars are cars for boys sespcially little boys 'who talk cars' - only family members know what that means!! we miss him sssoooooo much pops and I, I get quite tearful - glad the luv birds are still in lurve.... just thought of it "TK Max" okay byeeee G & P

  3. Man that pic of your sleeping boys is a win. Nothing like a group nap to get the feel good hormones going. happy anniversary guys!


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