Wednesday, September 26, 2007

In the sun!

Hello is good to be able to post again. I have been in the dark so to speak for the last 4 days, having no internet. FRUSTRATING a capital 'F'! but I am please to report that the technicians have been in and out for days....digging up cables and climbing in the roof. It seems as though it is finally sorted out! I feel like I can breathe again....sad that connectivity to cyberspace has an effect on how well I breath or not LOL! My saving grace is that I know I am not the only one suffering with this ailment.

The weekend past was a 3 day break....{what the extra day was all about, I have no idea} but we enjoyed the time together as a family anyhow. Being spring, the weather is so intermittent {a bit like my internet}, so when a sunny day is predicted we head out to do something ....FAST>>>> On Monday we decided to get have a leisurely breakfast first before getting all physical. Much to our surprise we found this to be quite challenging' in that most of the restaurants were closed for the public holiday {strange business practice....most of the population are not working, but they are closed.....go figure???} We found a little coffee shop in Kommetjie and had delicious French toast with bacon breakfast & endless cups of AWSOME coffee. Maxi was so well behaved, {we got a hint of what life was like before having him} and he alternated between sitting with us like a big boy and exploring the tiny garden we were sitting in. "Looking for moles Mama!" was his reasoning that and hidden "Pirate treasure!" {his new thing...pirates}. After soaking in the sunshine we headed down to the beach. Every year we like to come here @ Spring time, to document the BEAUTIFUL wild flowers that grow along the coastline. They weren't as thick as last year's flowers but we weren't disappointed, they were amazing! and I took about 400 jokes. I love digital!!!!

Below is a picture "story" of our visit.....

{I tried to do a collage but couldn't get the size right for blogger, it keeps making the pic super tiny... LOL!}

We had such a fun time! With the prospect of moving to Canada getting closer & closer every day, we have made a point of trying to enjoy each and every moment we have in the beautiful Cape. Hopefully the amazing weather will hold out for a few more weeks while it is windless. For those who don't know the soon as summer reappears so do the gale force south easter winds.....they are boringly monotonous making outings out REALLY uncomfortable!

Anyhow guys I will have to try and chat later....Maxi has just gotten home from a play date, so I am "it" until bedtime.


  1. Love the "images you've shot" (got that from Jo's blog - if she no longer "photographs" then your top quality puts you into the shooting images category as well. Thanks for your comment on my blog - in response, I have no cooking clue how to do what you just told me to do, however I have noticed my semplydone on Mel's blog so that's how twits like me rediscover sites I've misplaced. Mutual admiration society free member, thanks. Stefanie

  2. Beaut photos Kim.Me thinks we will be heading out that way this weekend. So look forward to catching up tomorrow!

  3. Lovely snaps KJ, can't believe a year has gone that we were there in that self same the one of Max very c uuuuuuuut! Well winter is here with a bang its freezing....
    Croc is still on her summer hols!!

  4. I so absolutely love those pictures!!!! What a beautiful place you live in...

    and glad you are back up in cyberspace, I was wondering what happened to you? I know the feeling of being disconnected when you are offline. On our recent move, I had no internet for 2 weeks. and this started on the day SOY calls were going out. I thought I would have a stroke!

    oh and may the force be with you!
    I can post pictures of Jordan's costume (details) It doesn't look hard to make, if you are a sewer...

  5. The photos are, I know why it's called Capetown, it reminds me of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, here in the US. The flowers are absolutely gorgeous! ...better than any studio professional photos, I think!!!


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