Tuesday, September 04, 2007

They came!!!!

Yaaaay! The long awaited parcels {mentioned a couple of weeks ago in a previous post} from the <<<< doting grandparents, have arrived! I am so relieved they weren't nicked, I admit they took so long to get here, I had my doubts whether we would actually ever see them!

The little boy was sooooo excited to see the post office parcel slips waiting for him on the dinning room table, he did a little jig right there, on the rug. So within 10minutes flat he was ready, shoes on, waiting at the door, shouting that it was time to go!!!! We headed off to the post office and with the collection slips clutched in his hand, he waited patiently for his turn. { A feat for a busy 3yr old~funny how the motivation of a new toy can convince him of anything hahaha!} He could hardly contain himself when the lady called us......I plonked him on top of her counter where he whispered loudly at her, only inches from her nose......."I'm so 'xcit'd!!!"..... everyone within earshot had a good chuckle.

He was so antsy to open them then and there but I had to go into the supermarket to buy milk. He persevered I am proud to say even with the SUPER boring detour past the dairy fridges ......although the large gum ball from the gum ball machine & a ride in the mechanical toy rocket ship definitely helped things.

We got home to a feast of goodies, mini radio controlled cars, all matter of Thomas Train paraphernalia, sweeties, video's etc, etc.....guys YOU ARE RIDICULOUS and we love and appreciate you!!!! Even Maxi felt the need to hug the parcels Hahahaha!

Mumsie & Pop's, T & I appreciate how much you love & spoil our two rug rats......You are so generous, selfless & tolerant of the tricky skype conversations that seem to take hours, with the kids either talking utter rubbish or playing the fool the whole time. Even tho' you live a million miles away, you are thought of every day, prayed for every night and included in almost every 3 yr old inspired game where singing or silliness is involved. You are firmly entrenched in their hearts & we are counting the days until Christmas. Thank-you sooooo much for everything.

WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!


  1. Only a pleasure you Watson's....the mad lot that you are. We have such fun buying from the car boots at such ridiculas prices, just the pleasure it gives the rug rats is so special to us, kids love parcels. What we'll do is send Cass her own special parcel to open.

    Blessings from above - the Lord will provide......nitie nite

  2. I would've been as excited as he was...I love that lil hat, did you make it, Kim??

  3. Every kid deserves grandparents like this, if only it was so! xx


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