Tuesday, October 16, 2007


I woke up early, got myself psyched for the Dept. of Home affairs, left with x2 cups of coffee charging thro' my veins......prepared to get Max's passport done and dusted, so I can get the Canadian visa's organised. Hmmmmf! my mission was short lived. I queued only to be told that both parents need to complete & sign the form. I went back to the counter to 're-look' my form & signed Tersh's signature for him {I do this all the time for the non-important stuff of daily life-Oh, in hind sight I suppose I shouldn't stay stuff like that on my blog hahaha!} I then reluctantly dragged myself into the nasty queue once again, which by this time had doubled in length. I was about half way to the front of the line when that familiar little voice of reason, started shouting in my head. Do you guys hear that voice too??? Well, I had a HUGE episode of conscience & decided against putting my artistic-signature-signing talent to the test. I had visions of getting the most conscientious government official handling my forms. Someone who was secretly renowned for his expert handwriting analyis skills......that & the unpleasant thought of trying to explain myself to a large irritated South African policeman.

I left the queue & came home.

I am so grateful in times like these for the voice of the Lord, kicking me in the head for being DUMB!!

Tomorrow I try again, armed with Tersh's real signature.

I did however make the most of my shortened to do list this morning and picked up the Canadian visa forms for completion. On a whim, I inquired as to how much the visa's would cost us, thinking in the region of a couple of hundred bucks. When the agent told me, it took me a good minute or two to retrieve my jaw off the ground. It is going to cost us nearly R3000 {$500} for the x3 visas, which will only be valid for the duration of the trip. HECK!

The one thing this trip has been very instrumental in doing, is revealing just how much the process of possible immigration is going to cost us. Oh well....it will be worth it in the long run I suppose. I must get my head around it & get reacquainted with my cheque book.

Well lovely people I must get cracking with a whole lot of photo's I want to get printed for a L.O I am trying to get finished ASAP. I hope you too are getting a free moment here & there to scrap???
Chat soon


  1. Honesty is the best policy as i have read often on your blog... hehe, well done. Don't wqant no naaasty uniformed fella handing out silver braclets... joined to each other with a short length of chain...
    Keep up the daily blogs, laughter is good like medicine!

  2. Man, how frustrating. Had similarly frustrating day but too boring to go into. Those visas are costly - jeez. Nasty surprise. Hope to maybe catch you sometime. Friday morn may be an option?

  3. Welcome to my world. THe money keeps on flowing... cricket pads, gloves, little girl shoes and the oldest also needs clothes, not to mention 3 birthdays in the family this month. On the upside I have been scrapping though- even with lots of "white" space. I would love to see what you've been doing.

  4. I agree, that was a good choice to leave...
    and WOW! I had no idea you had to pay for visas (*of course, you do, you pay for everything) but wow! that's a lot of money.

    I live a sheltered life here in HI. I have only traveled out of this country one time... to tijuana(never again)ONe day, I'd like to venture out of the country. not real soon on the budget though.

  5. soo close yet so far, Maybe someday you will venture south a bit and come to the states. if you do let me know!

    glad to see you are doing well, thanks for the prayers!


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