Monday, October 22, 2007

Lazy days!

This is a wonderful gift I received in the mail from my blog buddy, Martha, who lives in Ohio, USA. She very thoughtfully chose and sent me this wonderful Pampered chef recipe book. The recipes are really simple BUT incredibly interesting. I can't wait to experiment.

Thank~you so much my friend. I LOVE it! (I can't believe how fast it got to me ;o)

This weekend was certainly full of those.....we did nothing really except potter around the house & the garden, doing stuff you never really get around to ordinarily.

Tersh washed the cars.......a momentous occasion in our household!!!! The car wash down the road normally does the job in about three minutes flat & you leave wondering if the car actually ever gets clean. So to get the personal touch from T, is indeed a great thing ;o) We have a cul-de-sac @ the garage side of our house & T had set himself up with the hose (attached to the well point), bucket, soap, brush etc. & Maxi was zooting around on his motor bike just enjoying 'being with' his Dad. At one point T looked up & noticed Max was not with him any longer, only to see him emerge from the garage with his large leather gardening gloves on each hand, buck naked, screaming :"Watch me DAD! I'm a racing driver!!" as he scooted into the road.

The rest of the weekend was spent lazing @ home or walking around our neighborhood or visiting our local play park. It was SUPER relaxing & fun to spend time with my boys.

I love our home here in Cape town & on those rare gem's of a day, when the wind doesn't blow, it is truly a slice of heaven. We have a natural river that runs through the public land that is at the end of our road & even now that it is so unkempt due to lack of council resources, it is still beautiful. Overlooking the mountain behind our home makes for unbelievable sunsets....... & we get to see them now because the sun only sets at about 7.30pm. Yaaay! for summer!. More scrapping amo for the Mammaratzzi! not that I need any more amo at the moment. I am on a scrapping serious roll!!! I took some advice from my good friend Mel.....she said that I should maybe try and do some spontaneous L.O's for a change, instead of every L.O being a planned work of art. I did just that and managed to finish x3 L.O's in one day. Yeeehah! that is a MAJOR feat for moi! I haven't scanned them yet, but as soon as I do I will post them.

Anyhow folks.....I hope you all have a blessed week & thanks again to all those who take the time to leave me a message I LOVE seeing who have popped in for a visit.



  1. Yeah!!! I'm so glad it got there quickly...and that I decided NOT pay for the super-fast shipping, which was like $30 (ouch). CUTE little Max on his trike...proof that it's getting warm there!

  2. I think Marfa and KJ should meet leave the kids with the guys hop on a plane and 'wham bam' your're there!! At least canada isn't as far as the 'mother city' !!

  3. I love the photography, you have an excellent eye and really do your Creator justice. Well done.

  4. As always, when I do get to read your blog Kim, I am so inspired and in awe of your Scrapping. You are most talented indeed. Love seeing the family and how happy and homey you all look and the scenes and stories bring me back "home" to Africa xx


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