Monday, October 29, 2007


My friend Martha very kindly scanned & posted my L.O published in the Dec CK, on the CK forum. Half of the States has already gotten their mags....;o( and we haven't even gotten our Oct & Nov ones yet, how that works I have no idea. Anyhow I had 2 minutes, so I thought I'd quickly post a copy of it, cos it looks so darn the actual mag!

It is on page 63 in the Becky Higgins sketch section:


Will hopefully get a gap to post again a bit later.



  1. Congrats, You are so clever and talented. All this and beauty too...

  2. Oh, what a great photo of Max holding the little chick...
    And congratulations, once again, this is your 2nd time being published in CK, right? Then you're going to be in the Feb. issue, too. Where else have you been published?
    Ah, I understand it's hard to wait, it's almost the end of October, I can't believe you still haven't gotten your Oct. CK...even overseas shouldn't take that long! Do you have to pay extra for postage?

  3. Hey you! Congrats! So cool to see it. I have my Nov issue already. Wonder what is up with your subscription girl. Best you email them...

  4. Well done once again, I am always so proud of you here I am busy preening like a peacock. Secondly, now I know who Marfa is! Hi Marfa.


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