Monday, November 12, 2007

All about Art!

Hi guys.....I am so busy this morning that I don't have time for much of a post but wanted to post a few pic's while I have 2 minutes. I am trying to track down Maxi's passport through our government department, "Home Affairs" . 18 phone calls later I have only managed to speak to 3 people of which one of them ended up being from the Immigration department......I am now on hold...AGAIN! So while I wait I will blog.

I had tea with my FAB!! friends ,Mel & Jo, on Friday. We yakked for ages about all manner of things, scrapping featuring strongly...I wonder why that could be hahahaha? This was a highlight of my week. When I got home, my week got even better.....the mail man had been, he had delivered my long awaited "Life Artist" book by Ali Edwards. I was so excited I did my customary little *Happy dance* in the hall way & felt incredibly GOOD!!! I do admit tho' that my excitement was being further fueled by the fact I was clutching to my chest, some of the most, "to-die-for", dye cut printed papers & felt trims I had ever seen. Now to get my life organised to allow for some SERIOUS scrap time!

I haven't read this little darlin' yet but did flick through it looked @ the pictures over the weekend. I had it lying on my scrap table waiting for the gap to get to it. But having it lie there calling me was too much for me to bear, so with out opening it, I decided to tinker using the cover as inspiration. I took every 2 minute gap to do a bit here & there & had such fun trying things a bit more "Arty" than I usually would. The L.O isn't finished yet but here are some pic's of the work in progress.

Now for all those in the know.......please look @ that BEAUTIFUL dye cut felt trim, in the right bottom corner of the right hand photo. Is that amazing or what????

Who's you ask........AUTUMN LEAVES....of course? Is there any other? :O)

Now talking about art......I thought I'd share a little about what my son considers to be his ART. To put you in the picture, I have friends with kiddies the same age as visit them and are shown beautiful pieces of craft & art......Maxi on the other hand is an abstract man. He hasn't quite taken to the crafty side of life yet. If he does produce something {mostly a school project}, he is able to give me a detailed description of whatever mish-mash of colour he is showing me.

To the average untrained, non-kiddie sensitive eye, it is just that....blobs of colour but to him it is ART.

These are some of the ....totally cute descriptions he has given me of his art:

*Tadpoles changing into frogs {seriously}
*Dolphins diving under the waves
* Leaves blowing in a storm
*Lots of birds flapping
*Space with stars & planet Saturn & Venus & Jupiter & the green and blue one is planet earth where we live {seriously!}

This is Maxi's latest CREATION......he has taken to colouring in over the pictures of his wipe-able books. Who knows why but at least he is wielding a pen, I suppose. Maybe it is all in the name of fun??? Oh ya, that is why we create isn't it???

It is so easy sometimes to look at a child's artistic efforts and pass criticism for not being 'right'. We have camera's to take photographs, so why is it that we expect art to be perfect? Art is supposed to be an impression of whatever we see, in whatever form we choose. So like our children, I think it is time to be brave girls.....we need to try something creatively new this week. Then we can post it on our blogs for everyone to drool over. What to you think??

Anyway girls, I am tired of being on hold on the phone, it is time to try another number.
Enjoy getting paint on your hands, I look forward to seeing your creations.



  1. I love that even the cover inspires you. I have issued you guys all a challenge and am totally stumped so far. I have seen Anita's and its done!! I love the whole ART concept. I even scrapped Hannah's art will have to post it to my blog tomoro. Jo also has/had the most stunning art rub-ons which I have begum to delve into. The quality is superb. BTW I saw those flet ribbon things - and it really didn't send me into waves of happiness - however seeing what you've achieved, may just have to get me some. Sorry I missed you all. I weill be going through this THURSDAY - if you can make it. Will be popping in to a new Cheaper supplier in Muizenberg. With Heidi Swapp stuff.

  2. That felt trim is gorgeous! I just ordered some yesterday, so hopefully it will be here by the end of the week. I can't wait!!

  3. don't you just love that ali book. I love love love it! I had preordered it and then won a free copy on her blog... I carried that book to seattle and had it autographed, because I'm a groupie like that... and yes, love that felt!


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