Sunday, November 18, 2007

Contact-at last!

The title reminds me of that Jody Foster movie from the late 90's called "Contact", did you get to see it??. She plays a scientist who was the first person to make contact with an intelligent life from another planet......GREAT movie....obviously a load of drivel but FAB entertainment for those of you out there, who are SCI-Fi fans; like me.
Mel, Jo... I know you are both rolling you eyes right about now :o)

Anyhow I am getting horribly have you all been? Cos....from looks of things & the obviously lack of guys have been otherwise occupied, just like me. It has been a 4 whole days & I haven't blogged. Not that I haven't thought about it, I have wanted to but with a house full of kids it has been impossible. Funny I started out blogging for fun but as time & life have evolved into something different & I have less time to blog, I feel real pressure if I haven't posted......or is this just me.

Steph I finished my L.O!!! I actually finished it on Friday night but haven't laid eyes on my laptop for days, hence no scan or post. But I made the challenge deadline tho' skin of my teeth but hey I made it didn't I? It is called....


It seemed so sacrilegious to tear this BEAUTIFUL flocked paper but it worked so amazingly well with this L.O. that I just closed my eyes, gritted my teeth & tore! The flowers I cut out of card stock to resemble Hambly transparency.

* Creative Imagination~ P.P
*7 Gypsies~ rub-ons
* Autumn Leaves~ buttons & rub-on journal block
* Alpha's from M.M's

A L.O encouraging us to all take a stand for something in this life.....
for without purpose we all perish.

This weekend wasn't a complete write-off because I managed to take a few photographs of the kids horsing around on their slip-n-slide.......oh I seriously I LOVE my zoom lens!

Well I will keep it short & sweet & hopefully I will be able to post more often this week.



  1. It is a beaut, stictly outside the box for me. I would have never done the red flower goodies and the blue believe but I am impressed. Love the snaps too, learnt (from Jo) about motion blur this week, I always thought it was a bad thing - the water drops in Max's photo. Way to go, your blogging was missed though.

  2. Croc would like to slip 'n slide as well. Only thing is she's a bit old and 'lumpy'....


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