Thursday, November 22, 2007

It never rains, it pours!

I just can't believe the weather we are experiencing at the moment! We are officially supposed to be on the brink of Summer...HA! no chance of that. We have had VERY unusual rain & hail storms that have resulted in wide spread damage. And to make matters worse our house is still leaking.....2 years since the renovations & still we are finding water coming in in the weirdest places. So as soon as the rain decides to give it a break we must get our builder back to sort the leaks out. As the saying goes..."It never rains, it pours!", well in our household over the last couple of weeks ,it has been doing just that!

* The salt chlorinator for our swimming pool decided to meet it's maker & die. R4800 later to replace the jolly thing!

* The rain water caused the garage door motor to blow, we will have to replace the whole thing~ R2800

* We put sun reflecting film on all the huge windows in our loft only to discover that the glass company that our builder used to install them, failed to glaze them properly. We now have large cracks
running from top to bottom of every glazed window. They will all have to be replaced along with the film~ R14 000
* Our glass front door wasn't wedged open properly yesterday & it slammed shut, shattering it into a million slithers. Luckily it is amour plated & sand blasted so the bits are being held in place....for now. It will have to be replaced~ R8 000 {& this is wholesale}.

* I will stop now before I have a complete hernia.....put into a list like this, the reality of all the repairs needed, seem HUGE!!

This is our ex-front door~YIKES!!!

The reality of being a big person who owns property, gives me a new found respect for all the stuff my parents tried to tell me about, when I was growing up. At the time I thought they were being far too sensible about stuff that was obviously NOT important to me nor ever would be. It is times like these I wonder if we should rather have opted for a small, manageable, cozy home....instead we went for light, space & glass. Dumb!!

Oh well the Word never said it would be a bed of roses all the time but that trials of many kinds will befall us, in an attempt to help us grow & become more like Jesus. Flip, it is really hard sometimes!! Roll on heaven :o)



  1. Oh Kimberley Jack what a drama, all just before Canada - I say SELL THE HOUSE quick!!

  2. I do feel for you. Ag shame.

  3. Oh, my...I have missed you and wondered what was going on...I sure hope the door gets fixed before anyone gets cut, but ouch, that's really expensive. I understand the mattress problems, I guess when you hit a certain age, your back is very particular!

  4. Oh no, It is tough being a grown up sometimes! I remember moving out of my mom's house for the first time and realizing that toothpaste adn toilet paper were items that needed to be bought and didn't magically appear in the cupboards... and then when we bought our first house and things broke... YOU mean I have to pay for someone to come fix it?!?!
    This too shall pass. I don't know if you are celebrating Thanksgiving... but I wanted to let you know I am thankful for you, my friend all the way on the other side of the world!


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